Research & Technology

Research & Technology Vision

Evolving Core Technologies & Creating Innovative Products
That Meet Market Needs

We have evolved as a comprehensive component manufacturer, initially delivering a variety of device products such as switches, connectors, microphones, and speakers, honing our technical expertise over time.

More in recent years, we have been not only enhancing and evolving each device for increased functionality but also creating complex products by combining them and introducing them into rapidly changing markets.

Amidst the swiftly shifting demands of the market, we continuously look ahead, driving research and development to meet not only the current market demands but also to innovate and create products that generate new value.

Core Technology & Innovation

Hosiden has been dedicated to acquiring various technologies and improving its technical capabilities since its foundation. Presently, our company possesses core technologies in diverse fields such as analytical, electro-mechanical, acoustic, wireless, optics, and power supply.

With this extensive technological portfolio, we have established ourselves as an electronic component manufacturer with one of the world's largest sets of technical expertise. Leveraging these core technologies, we develop products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Four external catalysts—sensitivity to market needs, proactive communication with customers, an open and creative culture within the company, and strong partnerships with other companies—act in conjunction with our core technologies, facilitating the development of unprecedented products and driving innovation to create new values for the future.

Hosiden's innovations are communicated to the world, establishing new standards in the industry. We are committed to adapting to the evolving technology landscape and co-creating the future with our customers.

Hosiden’s Innovative Products

Since its foundation, Hosiden has continued to create innovative products and bring about innovations. Let’s look back at Hosiden's manufacturing, which has influenced not only the industry, but also Japan and the world.

CRT Socket released in 1968

CRT Socket released


CRT sockets are essential electronic components for CRT-based TVs and monitors. They connected the cathode-ray tube to the main body of the TV or monitor and were responsible for signal transmission necessary for controlling the electronic beam and displaying images. In this field, where high reliability is required, our CRT sockets captured the largest share of the global market in the 1980s. Our CRT sockets contributed greatly to the world's video viewing experience.

We began production of ECMs in 1973, and they have been used in a wide range of applications including fixed-line phones, video cameras, DSCs, cell phones, and in-vehicle equipment. We pioneered mass production of the world's smallest diameter (Φ4) microphone in 1991 and the world's thinnest (1mm thick) microphone in 1996. Around 2000, we captured the top share of the world market for cell phones, which were becoming smaller and thinner, and our ECMs were used in cell phones around the world at that time.

ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) released in 1973

ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) released


Mini-DIN Connector released in 1982

Mini-DIN Connector released


This connector, widely used worldwide for PC keyboards and mouses, is an original product developed by Hosiden. We started development of this connector as a miniaturization of the standard DIN connector and were able to reduce its size to one-fourth of its original volume. It is still in use today and has supported the world's telecommunications equipment for many years. In some European countries, our name is used as a name to refer to the S terminal, a type of Mini-DIN Connector.

AC/DC adapters are indispensable for charging mobile devices such as cell phones and smartphones. From the 1990s to the present, our AC/DC adapters have been widely adopted as genuine products by major Japanese cell phone companies. Our AC/DC adapters are safe, reliable, and of high quality, thanks to the adoption of a fast charging function, extensive safety protection functions, and robust construction. In the 2000s, we gained the No.1 share in Japanese market. It has supported Japan's recharging environment.

AC/DC adapter released in 1995

AC/DC adapter released


Electromagnetic anechoic chamber

Evaluation Equipment in Hosiden

Hosiden takes pride in boasting one of the most extensive arrays of evaluation and experimental facilities, as well as a sophisticated measurement environment among Japanese electronic component manufacturers. We are committed to advancing our technology and research development.

Electromagnetic anechoic chamber

Electromagnetic anechoic chamber

Anechoic room

Anechoic room

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Contributing to Society & Life

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Hosiden's products play an active role in various aspects of society behind the scenes, contributing to people's affluent lives. Hosiden's products are used not only in automobiles, mobile devices, and home electronics, but also in transportation, such as railroads and airplanes, as well as in medical, industrial, and agricultural machinery. Hosiden supports the realization of electronics demanded by the world.

New Development

Power Products

Power Products

With everyone now using smartphones, the need for charging in all kinds of places is increasing. Hosiden has been commercializing and selling AC adapters for cell phones. Utilizing the power supply technology we have accumulated over the years, in recent years we have also focused on products such as USB charging ports for in-vehicle use and wireless chargers that can charge without a contact point. We are contributing to the improvement of the smartphone charging environment in automobiles.

These charging-related devices are required to have even higher capacities, and we are developing cutting-edge charging (power supply) products by leveraging our experience and achievements in the market to date.

High Speed Signal Transfer Connectors for automobiles

With the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) and the advancement and adoption of autonomous driving technology, the automotive industry is said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century revolution. This has led to the emergence of new needs for components that were not previously necessary in traditional automobiles, one of which is high-speed transmission connectors for in-vehicle use.

Hoshiden has been developing and commercializing high-speed signal transmission connectors and harness assemblies for in-vehicle use for many years. Leveraging technology cultivated in the consumer electronics market, particularly the high-speed signal (approximately equal to a video signal) transmission technology indispensable for autonomous driving, we have been proactive in this area.

In 2016, we were adopted as the first in Japan for a connector harness assembly for camera systems utilizing "coaxial (Single End Mode) digital signals," and now our products are installed in numerous vehicles worldwide.

High Speed Signal Transfer Connectors for automobiles
In-Vehicle Acoustic Devices

In-Vehicle Acoustic Devices

With the evolution of technologies such as automated driving, the car is changing from being just a means of transportation to a smart space that requires more comfort and convenience in addition to safety and security in the cabin.

Hosiden has long cultivated device development by refining acoustic technologies for sound entry (microphones) and exit (speakers). By leveraging this experience and technical expertise, and combining it with the latest digital communication technology, we propose core technologies that transform the car interior into a more comfortable and convenient communication space.

Smart House Devices

With the development of AI and communication technology, the way of housing is facing a major turning point.

Hosiden is planning, developing, and commercializing products based on the theme of "new user experience" in housing by combining the wireless communication and sensing technologies we have cultivated so far with a spirit of challenge for new technologies.

Smart House Devices
IoT Products

IoT Products

We are developing IoT products that enable labor saving and energy saving as a solution to social issues such as the aging and shrinking workforce in Japan, and as an effort to address the SDGs.

We are also developing IoT products to reduce manpower and energy consumption, as well as to address the SDGs. We do not have a brand name for general consumers, but we are actually contributing to society in various ways to reduce the human resources needed to inspect equipment in factories and to improve logistics efficiency.