History of Environmental Preservation Activities
in the Hosiden Group


1987 Hosiden initiated measures to reduce the use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in response to the proposal to reduce global freon emissions under the Montreal Protocol of 1989.
1989 Hosiden established the Working Group for elimination of freon, with the objective of developing technology to enable a transition to alternatives to the currently used chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
1992 Hosiden installed water-washing agents and washing agents of alternative to the currently used chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs)and initiated developing technology for washing-free.
1993 Hosiden successfully banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Following this achievement, Hosiden changed the Working Group for elimination of freon to the ODS Countermeasure Committee, which focuses on measures to eliminate chlorinated organic solvents and internal use of brominated flame retardants, as well as promoting resource-saving, and waste recycling.
1997 December Hosiden established the Working Group for the preparation of all Hosiden Group's environmental preservation activities and ISO14001 certification.
1998 April Hosiden established the ISO System & Environmental Planning Department.
July Hosiden established the Hosiden group's environmental philosophy and environmental policy.
August Mr. Furuhashi, the president of Hosiden declared the initiation of the process of acquiring ISO14001 certification.
September Hosiden established the Hosiden Group's environmental management organization.
1999 July Hosiden established the Working Group for the lead-free.
Hosiden Kyushu Corp.
Hosiden Seiko Corp.
2000 May Hosiden established the Lead-free Project.
August Hosiden changed the Lead-free Project to the Lead & halogen-free Project.
Hosiden Wakayama Corp.
Hosiden Plastics Corp.
Hosiden Service Corp. & Takayasu bunsitu of Hosiden Corp.
Hosiden Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
2001 【Certified
Hosiden F.D. Corp.
Korea Hosiden Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Hosiden Corp. Tokyo Factory (Current Engineering & Production Dept.)
Qingdao Hosiden Electronics Co.,Ltd.
2002 April Hosiden changed the Lead & halogen-free Project to Toxic Chemical Substances Study Group.
July HTS A2106, "Regulation of the use of Environment-related substances to be controlled in electrical and electronic equipment" was released. This document shows control criteria for toxic chemical substances used in parts and devices constituting Hosiden’s products and used in Hosiden’s production processes.
August Presentation meeting for measures of environmental control substances was held intended for vendors (the first time)
2003 February "Hosiden group basic policy for substabces of concern such as lead free" was released.
Hosiden Corporation
2004 July Presentation meeting dor measures of environmental control substances was held intended for vendors (the second time)
2007 【Certified
China Hosiden Factory
2008 【Certified
Hosiden Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.
Hosiden Corpotation Tokyo Branch
2010 【Certified
Hosiden Besson Ltd.
2011 【Certified
Hosiden Vietnam (Bac Giang) Co., Ltd.
2012 【Certified
China Hosiden Factory (LCD Factory)
2013 【Certified
Acquired integrated authentication :
Korea Hosiden Electronics Co., Ltd. and
Hosiden Vietnam (Bac Giang) Co., Ltd.
2019 【Certified
Acquired integrated authentication :
Hosiden Kyushu Corp.,
Hosiden Seiko Corp.,
Hosiden Wakayama Corp.,
Hosiden Plastics Corp.and
Hosiden Service Corp.
Takayasu bunsitu of Hosiden Corp.,
Hosiden F.D. Corp.,
Hosiden Corporation Head Office and
Hosiden Corporation Tokyo Branch
2020 August "Regulation of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment -A2106-2020" was issued in June. (The revision of HTS, 2106-2020 issued in Aug, 2020)
2022 April Hosiden established the Sustainability Committee.