As an Environmental Protection
of a Global Enterprise

In the 21st century-the "Environment century", we are preparing not only for the establishment of a recycling-based society
system that recycles wastes to effectively use the earth’s limited resources, but also for the management of substances contained
in products to prevent environmental pollution.
As a global enterprise that has 10 production sites/sales sites in the world (in addition to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia,Singapore,South Korea, China, Thailand, and Vietnam), and that has viewed the environmental reservation from      a global standpoint, Hosiden has operated an environmental management system based on the international standard ISO14001           in all production sites.
Furthermore we have set one goal for the whole group, and are making company-wide efforts.
In each local production site, Hosiden is promoting environmental preservation by considering conditions of the region
or country, and is working on continual activities by taking the requirements from local society and customers
to account. In addition, we are making efforts from our own point of view to decrease environmental impact starting from the
design stage through the total lifecycles of products, which include the management of the substances contained in materials.
Hosiden, as a whole team, will continue to watch environment in all business activities, to aim at continuous improvement 
of the environment and to contribute to create a more affluent society in the future.

ISO 14001 Environmental policy

Hosiden Group is committed to upholding biodiversity and minimizing the impact on the global environment in every aspect of its business activities.

      • 【Code of Conduct】
  • 1.Working as a group to address global warming
  • 2.Addressing the reducing burdens on the environment by measures preventing pollution
    and in compliance with environmental laws, regulation, social requirements
  • 3.Promoting to develop and design environmentally friendly products
  • 4.Promoting all-hands environmental preservation activities and continually improving them

Approved: President & Representative director K. Furuhashi   

Environmental management Organization

Environmental management system

Environmental management system

Hosiden Group conducts activities based on a common environmental policy,Each group company has an environmental
management officer and has established an enviromental management system based on ISO14001 of international standard.
In the system,enviromental management plan anf internal enviromental audit executed identify and remedy problems.
In addition,the PDCA(Plan-Do-Check=Action)cycle is surely turned by reflecting the review of the syetem with
the management layer and the contents directed to be improved to   next environmental management plan
for contunuing improvement.

Regulatory Compliance

To observe the regulations is fundamental to construct an environmental management system. Each company in the group,
therefore, is trying to understand regulations and ordinances to be applied in each country and each region in order to
observe them.
Moreover, each company of the group sets up its own standard values that is safer than the reference values specified
by regulations to prevent environmental pollution from occurring.

Hosiden group's ISO14001 certification / registration status

Almost all factories of Hosiden group including subcontractors have obtained ISO14001 certification.

Company name Certification Body Certification date
Hosiden Electronics
SIRIM DEC 8,2000
Korea Hosiden
Hosiden Vietnam
DNV  JUL 14,2001
*These factories
acpuired integrated
authentication in 2013

Hosiden Corp. Tokyo Engineering
& Production Dept.
BV OCT 28,2001
Qingdao Hosiden Electronics Co.,Ltd. DNV  DEC 26,2001
Hosiden Corporation Head Office,
Tokyo Branch、Takayasu bunsitu of
Hosiden Corp.
DNV  Aug 18,2003
These factories
and offices
acpuired integrated
authentication in 2019
Hosiden Service Corp.
Hosiden Kyushu Corp.
Hosiden Seiko Corp.
Hosiden Wakayama Corp.
Hosiden Plastics Corp.
Hosiden F.D.Corp
China Hosiden Co.,Ltd  DNV  MAR 20,2007
Hosiden Technology
DNV JUN 24,2008
Hosiden Besson Ltd BSI AUG 23,2010

Certification Body

  • DNV:DNV‐Business Assurance
  • SIRIM:Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia
  • BV:Bureau Veritas
  • BSI:British Standards Institution