Hosiden at a Glance

Company Name Hosiden Corporation
Address Head Office
4-33, Kitakyuhoji 1-Chome, Yao-City, Osaka 581-0071, JAPAN
Phone +81-72-993-1010
Business 1.Manufacturing and selling of electronic, electrical appliances, related parts, and auto parts
2.Manufacturing and selling information telecommunications equipment, office machines, and medical equipment and related parts
3.All businesses which accompany former title
Established September 14, 1950
Capital 13,660,279,000 yen
A total of 61,410,084 stocks have been issued.(as of the end on March, 2024)
Closing of Accounts March 31
Trademark HOSIDEN
Board of Directors
(as of the end on
June, 2024)

President and CEO
Kenji Furuhashi

Shigemi Dochi

Outside Director
Hiroshi Horie

Outside Director
Susumu Maruno

Outside Director
Yukari Konishi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Shinji Hombo

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takayuki Tanemura

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Masakatsu Maruyama

No. of Employees 580people.
Stock Listings Tokyo (prime)


1947 Apr. Furuhashi Seisakusho (currently Hosiden Corp.) established in Higashinari-ku, Osaka
1950 Sep. Hosiden Electric Appliance Manufacture Company (currently Hosiden Corp.)
1959 Nov. Tokyo Hosiden (currently Tokyo Factory) established in Isezaki, Gunma Prefecture
1960 Mar. Development and production of acoustic components (earphone and microphone) started
1960 May Tokyo Sales Office opened in Shinagawa, Tokyo as marketing base in Kanto Region
1960 Jul. Headquarters and plant relocated to Yao, Osaka for expansion after relocating to Ikaino, Ikuno-ku,
Osaka; Tatsumi-cho, Ikuno-ku, Osaka; and Takaida, Fuse, Osaka.
1963 Aug. Hosiden stock listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange's Second Section
1966 Dec. Hong Kong Hosiden Ltd. (subsidiary in Hong Kong) established as Hosiden's first overseas operation
1968 Aug. Kyushu Hosiden Co., Ltd. (currently Hosiden Kyushu Corp.) established in Fukuoka Prefecture
1969 Sep. Taiwan Hosiden Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in Taiwan) established
1972 Oct. Research and development of color liquid crystal display started
1973 Feb. Korea Hosiden Electronics Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in Korea) established
1978 Jan. Hosiden America Corporation (subsidiary in the United States) established
1978 Jun. Hosiden Singapore Pte. Ltd. (subsidiary in Singapore) established
1979 Oct. First color liquid crystal display in industry developed and exhibited at the 1979 Electronics Show
1980 Sep. Hosiden stock listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange's First Section
1982 Apr. Hosi Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Hosiden F.D. Corp.) established in Shiga Prefecture
1985 Nov. First Technical Development Forum held in Tokyo
1986 Mar. Hosiden Europe GmbH (subsidiary in Germany) established
1988 May China Hosiden Factory established in Dongguan, China
1990 Feb. Hosiden Besson Ltd. (subsidiary in the United Kingdom) established
1990 Oct. Company name changed to Hosiden Corporation on the occasion of the 40th anniversary
1992 Mar. Qingdao Hosiden Electronics Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in China) established
1992 Dec. Hosiden stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's First Section
2005 Jul. Hosiden Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in China) established
2008 Oct. Hosiden Vietnam (Bae Giang) Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in Vietnam) established
2012 Feb. China Hosiden Co., Ltd. (subsidiary in Dongguan, China) established
2022 Apr. Hosiden Corporation stock moved from the First Section to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange