Hosiden Group Activities

Hosiden Activities

Environmental improvement of products and business activities

In Hosiden group, each company in the group sets an activity target to following environmental improvement activities and it acts. Moreover, it sets up object substances for reduction and abolition of environmental control substances by headquarters instruction.

Environmental improvement of products and business activities

Improvement activity cases

Activity case

Promotion of recycling

Promotion of recycling

  • 1. Recycling Scrap of Tape and Reel(Ps material)
        Scrap of Tape and Reel (PS material) is reused as an fuel for cement production
  • 2. Recycling of discarded fluorescent lamps
        Discarded fluorescent lamps are broken down to glasses and metals to be recycled as raw materials.
  • 3. Recycling of sludge
       Precious metals and heavy metals are taken out from sludge generated at plating waste water treatment
  •    to be recycled.
  • 4.Activity case of other rercycling
     ・Promotion of reuse of abandonment tool. Especially, decomposed parts are recycled 100% in control area.
     ・As the result of activity aiming that all separable parts must be recycled, recycled parts have been
  •     increased   from 28 items to 31 items.
     ・ Recycling of dry batteries (used batteries in factories)
     ・Promotion of purchasing eco-products (office supplies)
Response to Global Warming

Hosiden proactively promotes the installation of solar power systems as a measure against global warming.
These systems have been operational at Hosiden Wakayama since October 2022 and Hosiden Kyusyu since February 2023,
and furthermore we are proceeding the installation in overseas facilities and subsidiaries.
Utilizing renewable energy to contribute to measures against global warming is our global mission.

●Hosiden Wakayama Corporation (Solar power system started on October, 2022)
・Maximum Output: 326kW ・Annual Power Generation: 360,000 kWh
・Estimated CO2 reduction 124t/year*

●Hosiden Kyusyu Corporation (Solar power system started on February, 2023)
・Maximum Output: 336kW ・Annual Power Generation: 390,000 kWh
・Estimated CO2 reduction 187t/year*

*Calculated from 2022 emission factor.

Hosiden Wakayama CorporationHosiden Wakayama Corporation

Hosiden Kyusyu CorporationHosiden Kyusyu Corporation

Activity cases of other improvements

Hosiden group exercises its ingenuity in decreasing environmental burdens other than above mentioned.

Activity for environmental control substances reduction
Decrease of environmental burdens in packaging materials Reduction of packaging material made of
polyviny lchloride and abolition of binding bands made of polyvinyl chloride are carried on in the entire group.
Setup of environmental targets related to business
Because shortening working hours by improving productivity is related to promotion of energy conservation, and decreasing process failure by improving quality is related to waste reduction, we assume that these are environmental preservation activities.
Execution of modal shift in a logistics section
A modal shift that uses container train for a part of the distribution between bases began to control the amount of
CO2 generation by truck transportation in July, 2005.

Activities for environment-conscious products

Measures for enviromental protection material

Assuming that reduction and abolition of the environmental control substances in products and in the production process is an important problem for environmental preservation, we have continued activities shown below. We will keep producing environmental-friendly products from the design stage in the future based on the reduction plan of environmental control substances that our company set up.

Content of measures
Abolition of RoHS directive object substances (lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, PBB and PBDE) in the products.

We have already abolished mercury, PBB and PBDE in our products.Moreover, lead-free, cadmium-free and hexavalent chromium-free have been promoted since 2003. Especially, development and sales of solderless connection products has been conducted to reduce the soldering process by a customer as an approach of lead-free.

Correspondence to PRTR method (the chemistry substance management promoting method)
Promotion of halogen-free.
Development of LCA (life cycle assessment)
Decrease of load given to global environment at the life cycle of products and development of environmental harmony type products.
The initial evaluation of the product at the design stage is executed.
"Regulation of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment - A2106", criteria of control for the hazardous chemicals used for parts and devices that compose products of Hosiden group was established for measures of environmental control substances in July 2002, and decrease of environmental burdens has been advanced in Hosiden products from the design stage in accordance with the plan.

Moreover, we are working to achieve the goal that all products comply RoHS directive.
XRF measurement (Wavelength-dispersiveX-Ray fluorescence measurement) device was introduced to investigate the content of environmental control substances in the products.In addition, GC-MS(Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer) is also in use to analyze contents ratio of Phthalate esters, Brominated Flame Retardants (PBB, PBDE).The measurement devices were installed in the main production sites, so that componential analysis of the content substances can be conducted at each site.

XRF measurementXRF measurement

GC-MS measurementGC-MS measurement

Development of enviromental products

The development of the products for the environment such as for the photovoltaic generation equipment is evolving more and more in parallel with correspondence to environmental control substances.

Development of enviromental products

Activities for green procurement

Entire hosiden group established a reduction plan based on the corporate standard "HTS A2106" for reduction and abolishment of environmental control substances included in products.
However, it is necessary to work together with vendors because our company's products are not produced by only Hosiden group companies. Therefore, we hold a presentation meeting for vendors who supply parts and materials to obtain their understanding and cooperation.
Moreover, major vendors execute internal audit and our audit to manage environmental control substances smoothly.


Education and training

Each company in the group is working on the improvement of employee's environmental consciousness through providing environmental education to each level including new employees, distributions of personal cards and pocketbooks to all employees including part-time employees and temporary employees, and reports of environmental activities by notice on the wall and company magazines.
For employees who will work on operations that possibly give a remarkable influence to environment, we provide periodical training sessions and enough education to correspond to emergency situation and require them to acquire necessary qualification.
In addition, we have established the system providing education such as presentation meeting by external examination organization and interval study session for internal environmental auditors so that appropriate internal environmental audit can be held.
We will continue to execute education and enlightenment to establish the system for environmental preservation and promote Hosiden's better environmental activities.

Environment and quality pocketbook (Headquarters)Environment and quality pocketbook (Headquarters)

Monitoring activities

Hosiden group's each company does not have any factor that gives big environmental impact. However, because there are chemicals that are used in production process or stored, periodical check of leakage, water quality and exhaust air is executed and training for accident or emergency situation is conducted to maintain surrounding environment.

Water surver of discharged water

Addition to an on-the-spot inspection by a staff of the city once every month,in-house water survey is executed based
on the in-house standard that is severer than regal provisions and is set up for daily monitoring.

In-house water surveyIn-house water survey

Execution of on-the-spot inspection

Execution of on-the-spot inspectionExecution of on-the-spot inspection

Measurement of noise

Each company in the group periodically measures noise comes out of the site.

Investigation of exhaust air

In order to prevent air pollution by a boiler or a scrubber, the in-house standard that is severer than regal provisions and is
set up for monitoring and measurement.