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Mar. 28,2014Full-Digital Headphones Have Been Developed

Hosiden has developed ‘Full-Digital Headphones’ in which our original multi-coil structure has been adopted.

Power-Collecting Cable for Solar Power Generation Module

Mar. 18,2014Super Ultra-small Type of MEMS Microphone Unit Has Been Developed

For the market of compact microphones including smart phones, Hosiden has developed and started to expand, as a new variation of analog MEMS microphones, Super Ultra-small Type (3.35 x 2.5 x 1.0), which aims at further downsizing and low-profiling.

MEMS Microphone Unit

Mar. 07,2014Analog MEMS Microphone Unit Which Supports High Sound Pressure Input Has Been Developed

Hosiden has developed an analog MEMS microphone unit which has accomplished low distortion even when high sound pressure is applied.

MEMS Microphone Unit

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