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Jul. 04,2014To Meet a Growing Demand for Use in Image Signal Transmission, Various Types of Connectors for Automotive LVDS Have Been Developed

Hosiden has developed various types of connectors for LVDS, which can transmit a lot of images at a high speed. Japanese automobile manufacturers have authorized their adoption and we will start to mass-produce and deliver them to electrical equipment manufactures in the next season.

Receiver Unit

May. 13,2014Ultra-Small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Module Has Been Developed

After BLE Module: HRM1017, which is being mass-produced now, Hosiden has developed Hybrid BLE Module HRM1026 in which further downsizing and multifunctional capability go together.

Ultra-Small BLE

May. 02,2014Hosiden Has Developed Small-Sized 'Three-Magnet-Type Micro Speaker Unit' Which Has Secured Low Frequency Range

Hosiden has developed 'Three-Magnet-Type Micro Speaker Unit', which has been downsized to about 60% of our conventional products, while maintaining the same level of performance.

Three-Magnet-Type Micro Speaker Unit

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