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New Product News

MEMS Microphone Unit with ±1dB Sensitivity Tolerance

In response to requirements for a multi-purpose microphone unit with a tighter sensitivity tolerance for applications such as stereo and/or noise-cancellation, Hoshiden has improved its lineup of MEMS microphone units by tightening the sensitivity tolerance to ±1dB. There are a wide variety of types: low distortion, low power consumption, and high signal/noise ratio types, as well as a compact version.

Model Name and Number

Analog MEMS Microphone Unit
  • KRMxxxxKRM0300
  • KRMxxxxKRM5200
  • KRMxxxxKRM5700
Digital MEMS Microphone Unit
  • KRMxxxxKRM5603

Typical Features

  • The use of a programmable ASIC has enabled an improved sensitivity tolerance, now better than ±1dB.
    ・ KRM0300 Low distortion type
    ・ KRM5200 High signal/noise ratio type
    ・ KRM5700 Compact type
    ・ KRM5603 Compact, high signal/noise ratio, low power consumption type

Typical Application

  • Stereo microphone, noise-canceling microphone, etc.

Production Plan

Sample Production Already under way
Sale Commencement Available for mass production as required (each product item)
Planned Monthly Production 3 million pcs (each product item)

Main Specifications

Analog MEMS Microphone Unit
KRM0300 KRM5200 KRM5700
Dimensions 3.76 × 2.95 × 1.1 mm 3.76 × 2.95 × 1.1 mm 2.75 × 1.85 × 0.9 mm
Type Top Port Bottom Port Bottom Port
Sensitivity -42 ± 1 dB -38 ± 1 dB -38 ± 1 dB
Current Consumption Max. 0.1 mA
Typ. 0.06 mA
Max. 0.25 mA Max. 0.1 mA
Typ. 0.06 mA
SNR Min. 56 dB
Typ. 59 dB
Min. 62 dB
Typ. 65 dB
Min. 60 dB
Typ. 63.5 dB
Distortion Rate
Max.3% @120dBSPL
Max.10% @128dBSPL
Max.3% @110dBSPL
Max.10% @120dBSPL
Max.3% @110dBSPL
Max.10% @120dBSPL

Digital MEMS Microphone Unit
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.65 × 0.98 mm
Type Bottom Port
Sensitivity -34 ± 1 dB
Current Consumption Standard : Typ. 680 μA
Low power : Typ. 300 μA
Sleep : Typ. 25 μA
SNR Min. 63.5 dB
Typ. 65 dB
Distortion Rate
MaX. 10% @130dBSPL
Typ. 1.5% @125dBSPL
Clock Frequency Standard : 2.4 MHz (1~3.3 MHz)
Low power : 768 kHz (350~800 kHz)
Interface PDM