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New Product News

BLE Beacon Positioning System

Hosiden has released its “BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon Positioning System” which now gives location information as part of a “visualization of positioning information” by analyzing the locations of personnel, such as staff in offices or factories as a first phase of an IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud Service.
It is a system that calculates wave intensity information received from the BLE beacon as sent to the cloud server, so enabling positioning information to be accessible from within a web application. This technology is helpful when improving the operations and work efficiency in offices or factories, as well as monitoring the locations of children or elderly people.
Based on this system, Hosiden further aims to develop value-added services including monitoring of vital signs using wearable devices currently under development.


Model Name and Number

BLE Beacon Positioning System:JJS1001-010010

Typical Features

  • Radio frequency signal intensity information received from the BLE beacon is computed by a cloud server and the position information data can be updated and visualized in a web-based application in real time.
  • Positioning data can be exported in CSV format.
  • A low-cost positioning system can be implemented using an Android OS-based smart phone as a Gateway.


  • Improved work efficiency by understanding the paths of movement of office and factory staff.
  • Attendance management, personnel labor management
  • Monitoring of children and elderly people
  • Effective distribution of resources by means of staff location management

Sales Plan

  • Sales start: July 3, 2017

Main Specifications

External dimensions(Beacon HRM5011) φ50 x 17 mm
Weight (Beacon HRM5011) Approx. 20 g (including battery)
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Continuous operation time(Beacon HRM5011) Approx. 6 months
Cloud server UBITEQ IoT platform