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New Product News

Miniature Shuttle Push Switch.

Hosiden has developed a miniature horizontal-type shuttle push switch.
High-accuracy insert-molding realizes industry-thinnest of 1.65 mm housing as well as good push feeling and long life. Because the output of the lever direction and the push direction is independent, it is easy to design the circuit of the applied equipment. The switch provides the independent terminal that protects the circuit from static electricity coming from the actuating area.

Shuttle Push Switch

Model Name and Number

Shuttle Push Switch: HXW0786

Typical Features

  • 2-direction lever and push switch
  • Main body thickness: 1.65 mm (Industry thinnest and smallest)
  • Good push feeling and long life
  • Because of each direction makes independent signal, circuit or software can be designed easily at customer side
  • A terminal is provided for electrostatic measure near the lever

Typical Applications

  • Volume control and mode switch for cellular phones, Bluetooth headsets, portable audio players and others.

Production Plan

Sample Production September 2006
Sale Start January 2007
Planned Monthly Production 1 million pcs


Items Specified Value
Outer Dimensions (Body) W 9.53 x D 6.6 x H 1.65 (mm)
Maximum Rating (Resistance load) 5 V DC 10 mA
Contact Resistance
(Fall-of-potential Method)
1V max. at 1mA
Push Switch Operation Force 2 ±1 N
Stroke 0.8 mm TYP.
Lever Operation Force 0.65 ±0.3 N (1.5 mm from the tip)
Stroke 20°TYP.
Life Lever operation / Push operation 100,000 cycles