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New Product News

Bluetooth® Smart modules, a key component to accelerate IoT/IoE

Hosiden has developed a new Bluetooth Smart module incorporating the Nordic nRF52832 SoC. The module is a product which holds great promise in the IoT/IoE market. It requires only minimal maintenance and has extraordinarily low power consumption, at almost half of previous Bluetooth modules such as the HRM1017 and HRM1026. A high performance antenna is incorporated in the module, enabling optimum performance in applications requiring long communication distances such as radio beacons. Furthermore, for those applications requiring normal communication distance, the module can reduce its power consumption by setting the wireless output power lower, so giving longer battery.
The design concept of the module is, following the previous models HRM1017 and HRM1026, to broaden the range of products that can be supplied as single chip solutions. This typically means greatly improved CPU performance of our SoC devices due to the routing of all the GPIO terminals of the Nordic nRF52832 device, a SoC type Bluetooth Smart chip, outside the module.

Ultra-Small BLE

Model Name and Number

BLE Module: HRM1062

Typical Features

  • Small power consumption, almost as half of that of previous Hosiden modules
  • High-performance antenna incorporated
  • Powerful SoC (System on Chip) with plentiful interfacing options

Typical Applications

  • Peripheral Bluetooth Smart devices
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Bluetooth Smart beacons

Production Plan

Sample Production January 2016
Sale Start March 2016
Planned Monthly Production 100,000 pics or more


Item Specification
Bluetooth chip Nordic nRF52832-QFAA
Memory 512 kB flash/64 kB RAM
Power supply voltage 1.7 to 3.6 V
Antenna Incorporated (Pattern antenna on the PCB)
GPIO 32 terminals
External dimensions 13.5 × 23.0 × 2.7 mm
Implementation SMT (39 terminals, End face through)

Inquiries about Hosiden Bluetooth Smart module

  • Hosiden offers this module with warranty of its hardware performance including RF functions. For general inquiries, please contact from here.  
  • For technical support for nRF51822 and its software development, please contact Nordic Semiconductor,http://www.nordicsemi.com.