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New Product News

Ultra-Small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Module Has Been Developed.

After BLE Module: HRM1017, which is being mass-produced now, Hosiden has developed Hybrid BLE Module HRM1026 in which further downsizing and multifunctional capability go together. The board space of this product has been reduced to 48% of the existing HRM1017. This module becomes a link to making small devices wireless, mainly wearable devices like wristband-type instruments to measure amount of activity. In HRM1026, as well as in the existing HRM1017, we continue to focus on functionality, while achieving significant downsizing. With a microcomputer and a max of 30 GPIOs inside SoC type of BLE chip, this product can control peripheral circuits without an external microcomputer.
Hosiden has an assessment kit for this product, too. It is not only to evaluate products, but also it helps you to start software development before making prototypes of the circuit board of devices. It greatly contributes to the short-time development of BLE products and to their early release to the market.

Ultra-Small BLE

Model Name and Number

BLE Module: HRM1026

Typical Features

  • Having a high-performance built-in antenna, it can considerably reduce the customers' burden of designing wireless circuits.
  • Although the module has been down-sized, it is designed so that you can use all the GPIOs and take full advantage of the microcomputer functions of Nordic nRF51822.

Typical Applications

  • Mobile phone, smart phones, PCs, game machines, digital cameras/video cameras, automotive equipments; etc.
  • BLE beacon equipments.
  • Unwiring of peripheral equipments of PCs.(Key board, Mouse, Remote Controller; etc.)
  • Accessory devices for smart phones.
  • Toys, various sensor devices; etc.

Production Plan

Sample Production in late May, 2014
Sale Start in late July, 2014
Planned Monthly Production 1 hundred thousand pcs or more


Items Specified Value
Bluetooth Ver. Bluetooth 4.0 LE Single Mode
Output power +4 dBm typ.
Interface UART, SPI, I²C and GPIO
Overall Size 9.0 × 15.5 × 1.9 mm typ.
Operating Voltage 1.8 V to 3.6 V (3.0 V typ.)

Inquiries about Hosiden BLE module (HRM1026)

  • Hosiden offers this module with warranty of its hardware performance including RF functions. For general inquiries, please contact from here.  
  • For technical support for nRF51822 and its software development, please contact Nordic Semiconductor,http://www.nordicsemi.com.