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New Product News

High-quality High-resolution Headphone Supporting Re-cabling

In response to the latest trends in high-sound-quality music players, Hosiden has developed compatible high-resolution headphones. To be used outdoors with portable audio players including smartphones, these headphones are a lightweight design at approximately 180 grams and feature a flat-folding structure for portability.
Capable of high sound pressure levels and with highly responsive sound reproduction, these headphones can also satisfy indoor music listeners. Compared to our conventional products, the fit is more comfortable. On top of their high-class design, we have adopted a calm and understated deep red color for the body.
These headphones will be marketed under the SATOLEX brand name, which is our sales subsidiary.


Model Name and Number

High-Resolution Headphones : HDH0297-010010

Typical Features

  • The adoption of a neodymium magnet driver unit has enabled high output sound-pressure levels and a wide frequency response.
  • The adoption of a CCAW voice coil enables higher responsive sound reproduction at high frequencies.
  • High-resolution across the entire response band (5 Hz to 45,000 Hz)
  • Comfortable well-designed ear pads made from high quality materials (over-the-ear type)
  • Improved head band side pressure for a more comfortable fit for users when compared to our existing products.
  • The cable can be detached. (Φ 3.5 mm ends, 3-pin gold-plated plugs)
  • MADE IN JAPAN (domestic product)


  • For appreciation of music

Sales Plan

  • On Sale

Main Specifications

Model Closed-dynamic
Driver unit Φ 40 mm
Sound pressure sensitivity 108 dB / mW
Impedance 32 Ω
Frequency response 5 Hz to 45,000 Hz
Weight Approx. 180 g (excluding cord)