Hosiden is electronic parts maker manufacturing and selling connector, switch, acoustic parts and touch panel.


Company Name Hosiden Corporation
Address Head Office
4-33, Kitakyuhoji 1-Chome, Yao-City, Osaka 581-0071, JAPAN
Phone +81-72-993-1010
  1. Manufacturing and selling of electronic, electrical appliances, related parts, and auto parts
  2. Manufacturing and selling information telecommunications equipment, office machines, and medical equipment and related parts
  3. All businesses which accompany former title
Established September 14, 1950
Capital 13,660,279,000 yen
A total of 67,710,000 stocks have been issued.(as of the end on June, 2017)
Closing of Accounts March 31
Trademark HOSIDEN
Board of Directors
(as of the end on June, 2017)
Kenji Furuhashi
Haremi Kitatani
Managing director
Yasuhiro Shigeno
Shinji Hombo
Director (Outside)
Kenichi Takahashi
Director (Outside)
Hiroshi Horie
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Saburo Kikyo
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)
Takayuki Tanemura
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)
Susumu Maruno
No. of Employees 650 people.
Stock Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (1st section)

(as of the end on March, 2017 without explanatory notes).